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Transfer and Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer Student Policies

Transfer Admission and Scholarships: St. Norbert College welcomes applications from students attending 2-year or 4-year accredited schools. Credit for college-level work is granted in all areas that correspond to courses offered at St. Norbert College as long as the student has earned at least a "C" for the course. While there is no maximum amount of credit transferable from a 4-year institution, the student is held to the requirements that at least the senior year and a minimum of 25% of the major must be taken at St. Norbert. Introductory courses may not be counted in the 25% requirement. Transfer students will be considered for admission as long as they have a cumulative grade average of at least "C+" (2.5/4.0), are free to return to their previous college or university, and are considered to be in good academic standing both at their previous school and at St. Norbert College. Transfer merit based scholarships are automatically awarded to qualified, accepted students and range from $3,500 to $8,500 per year and are renewable. Transfer students are permitted to enroll as openings occur in the program or major for which they apply. The desire of the College to keep class size to a reasonable level makes it impossible to admit every qualified transfer student. To overcrowd classes, especially at the junior and senior level, is inconsistent with the goals and objectives of the College. The College recommends that students who plan to transfer to St. Norbert from a junior college pursue a program of study that includes a full year of math and/or science. Also suggested is coursework in areas such as literature, economics, sociology, political science, history, psychology, speech and business. Foreign language courses are also fully acceptable. Each full course at St. Norbert is equivalent to courses worth 4 semester hours or 6 quarter hours of credit at other institutions.

Transfer Credit from Two-year Colleges: The maximum amount of credit transferred from a two-year college is 72 semester credits or the equivalent of 18 courses. The student would have to pass at least 14 courses (56 semester credits) at St. Norbert and fulfill all lower and upper biennium requirements and successfully complete the requirements of a major. A minor would not be required unless the major program involves teacher certification. When a student transfers credit to St. Norbert College, the SNC course equivalency, previous school, and dates of attendance appear on the St. Norbert transcript. The credit transfers, but the grade does not transfer nor does it appear on the St. Norbert record. Credit will only be granted in courses with grades of "C" or better. The individual departments at St. Norbert College determine whether a transferred course may be substituted for a major requirement.

Transfer Credit from Art and Music Institutes: Credit will be assessed by submission of a portfolio to the Art Department to determine credit. The Music Department may require auditions for credit.

International Students Admission: As part of St. Norbert College's efforts to internationalize its campus and curriculum, the College encourages well-qualified students from all nations to apply. To complete the application process, an international student must submit the following documents: 1. A completed international application for admission, including the Declaration of Finances. 2. Academic records, including an English translation. 3. TOEFL or SAT results, or successful completion of an on-campus English proficiency examination. 4. One letter of recommendation. 5. Transfer students will need to submit original academic records, an English translation, and a $150 evaluation fee if they are seeking transfer credit from St. Norbert College. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. In general, students offered direct admission to St. Norbert College possess a 213 TOEFL score (550 paper version) and at least a "B" average in a challenging high school curriculum. Candidates with a TOEFL score below 213 will need to complete our English as a Second Language (ESL) program as a condition of their acceptance to the College.

International Scholarships: A limited number of international scholarships are available to well-qualified candidates. These renewable awards range from $3,500 - $8,500 per academic year. Candidates will be notified in their acceptance letter if they have been selected for scholarship consideration. Since these awards are competitive, students are encouraged to apply early for maximum scholarship consideration.

Student Visa: Upon acceptance, an I-20 form will be issued. The I-20 form needs to be presented to the U.S. consulate in the student's country in order to obtain a U.S. student visa. To confirm their admission, students must submit a $350 non-refundable acceptance deposit. Of this amount, $200 will be credited to the first semester bill, $50 is an orientation fee, while the remaining $100 will be held as a room security deposit.

Non-Degree / Part-Time Students: Students intending to enroll as a part-time degree-seeking student must still submit a complete application for admission and all relevant transcripts. Students intending to enroll as a non-degree part-time student should contact the Office of the Registrar for registration information. Non-degree students may earn up to 16 credits before they are required to apply for Admission. All full-time students, even non-degree students are required to apply for Admission.

Veterans: St. Norbert College recognizes that many veterans possess an unusual degree of maturity, therefore, applications from veterans are encouraged. The College will also grant college credit for service experience if the experience is gained in areas that correspond to what is taught at St. Norbert. The College reserves the sole right to make this determination.

Transfer Credit Policies

Advanced Placement and Credit-by-Examination: Students who participate in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board may be granted credit in appropriate areas on tests in which a score of 3, 4, 5 have been earned. Students who submit satisfactory scores earned on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests may be awarded credit in appropriate areas. The College reserves the right to determine the acceptable score for credit on any CLEP examination and to determine those subject examinations which are appropriate to the St. Norbert College degree pattern. Students who wish to receive college credit through CLEP must sit for the examination prior to or during their first semester at St. Norbert College. AP & CLEP (SNC code #1706). Students may also receive credit for PEP examinations that have been designated as acceptable by the various departments. Credit will be awarded if the score is at or above the level required by the department. Credit will only be granted if the tests are taken before or during the first semester in which the student is enrolled.

Work-Related Recognized Training Programs: Credit may be granted if the transcript is received from the Registry of Credit Recommendations of the American Council on Education. The determination of whether credit will be granted is based on recommendations in the National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs published by the American Council of Education. Credit may also be granted based on the recommendations in the National Guide to Education Training Programs. Upon receipt of transcript, credit will be evaluated according to the Registry of Credit Received according to the American Council of Education.

Residency Requirements & Transfer Students: Transfer students must complete at least 8 of the 32 total (32 semester credits of the 128 required) and one quarter of any major at St. Norbert College. Introductory courses may not be counted in the one quarter major requirement. This means a minimum of 2.50 advanced courses in a ten course major must be taken at St. Norbert. The 25% requirement will require more than 2.50 advanced courses if the major is more than ten courses. All baccalaureate candidates must spend their senior year in residence at St. Norbert College. Students are considered to be "in residence" if they register for their final eight courses (32 semester credits) from St. Norbert College. Exceptions to the senior residency requirement may be made for students having attended St. Norbert College full time for eight semesters by petition to the Registrar or Academic Dean.

Graduation Honors: Transfer students must complete a minimum of 12 St. Norbert College courses (48 semester credits) to be eligible for academic honors. (The grades for work completed elsewhere will not be counted.) The computation is based on the student's entire academic career at St. Norbert College.

Transfer Credit from Other Institutions: A maximum of three courses (9-12 semester credits from 3 courses) may be transferred from other institutions and be counted in the 32 courses (128 semester credits) required for graduation once a student enrolls at St. Norbert College. Transfer credit from other institutions is accepted on face value in semester credits, with quarter credits equivalent to 2/3's a semester credit. Students who plan to transfer credit into SNC for courses in their major fields must have the courses pre-approved by their discipline coordinator and the Registrar before they are taken. Courses fulfilling general degree or general education requirements must be approved by the Registrar. Grades earned at another college or university do not affect grade point at St. Norbert College. Courses with less than a "C" grade are not accepted in transfer.

Accounting Students Transfer Guidelines Accounting students are held to the same transfer credit policies and procedures that apply to all current students at St. Norbert College. This includes minimum grade requirements (C or better), maximum transfer credit from 2-year institutions (72 semester credits), and maximum number of credits/courses (9-12 semester credits from 3 courses) a student can transfer into SNC after their initial enrollment. The Wisconsin Information for Initial Candidates for the Uniform CPA Examination states that "education earned at a community college or 2-year degree granting institution are not acceptable unless transferred into a regionally accredited four-year institution". This means that if you are planning to take coursework from a 2-year institution to count towards your 150 required semester hours, the credit must be transferred onto your SNC transcript. St. Norbert College will not post transfer credit after graduation. This means that students planning on taking courses at 2-year institutions must have the credit posted to their SNC transcript before graduation. For Minnesota, courses taken at a two-year institution do not need to be transferred onto a four-year institution's transcript. Please note, correspondence, online and CLEP coursework is acceptable when the applicant received credit at a regionally accredited institution. Michigan and Illinois do not specifically state that credit needs to be earned at a specific type of institution (ie. two-year v. four-year). Illinois has specific accreditation requirements for coursework. Please refer to the Illinois CPA Examination: The Educational Requirement information for specific accreditation requirements. Please note the best source of information for CPA exam requirements by state can be found online at the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy website.

Transferring in Upper Biennium Courses: Upper biennium requirements may not be satisfied by courses transferred from two year colleges. Only course work taken at four-year institutions and designated junior-senior level will be considered for upper biennium General Education credit in Areas 1, 10, and 11. The Senior Colloquium, Area 12, must be taken at St. Norbert College. Contact the Registrar's Office for information on obtaining prior approval for transfer credit.

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