2nd Quarter Play-by-Play

  UW-Eau Claire vs. St. Norbert College
  Date: 9/14/19  • Site: De Pere, Wis.

2nd Quarter Play-by-Play
Snc 2-10on Uwec25Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.
Snc 2-10on Uwec25Gage McClanahan pass complete to David Lox for 13 yards to the UWEC12, 1ST DOWN SNC (Evan Anfang).
Snc 1-10on Uwec12M. Galanopoulos rush for loss of 7 yards to the UWEC19 (Alex Mashak).
Snc 2-17on Uwec19Gage McClanahan pass complete to M. Galanopoulos for 19 yards to the UWEC0, 1ST DOWN SNC, TOUCHDOWN, clock 13:50.
Brady Wodack kick attempt good.
UW-Eau Claire 7, St. Norbert College 7
 Drive: 12 plays, 75 yards, TOP 4:31
Jeff Allen kickoff 55 yards to the UWEC10, Keshaun Story return 18 yards to the UWEC28 (Ben Kohl).
Uwec 1-10on Uwec28UW-EAU CLAIRE drive start at 13:50.
Uwec 1-10on Uwec28Austin Belot rush for 8 yards to the UWEC36 (Jake Berken).
Uwec 2-2on Uwec36Austin Belot rush for no gain to the UWEC36 (M. Barrett;Jerome Tillis).
Uwec 3-2on Uwec36PENALTY UWEC delay of game (Jonathan Malueg) 5 yards to the UWEC31.
Uwec 3-7on Uwec31Jonathan Malueg rush for 8 yards to the UWEC39, 1ST DOWN UWEC.
Uwec 1-10on Uwec39Austin Belot rush for 8 yards to the UWEC47 (Walter McBride;M. Barrett).
Uwec 2-2on Uwec47Keshaun Story rush for 2 yards to the UWEC49, 1ST DOWN UWEC (Jake Berken).
Uwec 1-10on Uwec49Keshaun Story rush for 7 yards to the SNC44 (Lucas Dutcher;Walter McBride).
Uwec 2-3on Snc44Austin Belot rush for 2 yards to the SNC42 (B. Olejniczak).
Uwec 3-1on Snc42Austin Belot rush for 1 yard to the SNC41, 1ST DOWN UWEC (B. Olejniczak).
Uwec 1-10on Snc41Austin Belot rush for 2 yards to the SNC39 (B. Olejniczak).
Uwec 2-8on Snc39Conrad Bolz rush for loss of 1 yard to the SNC40 (M. Barrett).
Uwec 3-9on Snc40Jonathan Malueg pass complete to Antwan Moore for 1 yard to the SNC39 (M. Barrett).
Uwec 4-8on Snc39Brad Goetsch punt 39 yards to the SNC0, touchback.
 Drive: 11 plays, 33 yards, TOP 8:14
Snc 1-10on Snc20ST. NORBERT COLLEGE drive start at 05:36.
Snc 1-10on Snc20Gage McClanahan rush for 4 yards to the SNC24 (Daniel Chuchwar).
Snc 2-6on Snc24Brandon Dudley rush for 6 yards to the SNC30, 1ST DOWN SNC (Vince Coenen).
Snc 1-10on Snc30Brandon Dudley rush for 3 yards to the SNC33 (Sam Romanski).
Snc 2-7on Snc33Gage McClanahan rush for loss of 2 yards to the SNC31, fumble forced by TEAM, fumble by Gage McClanahan recovered by UWEC Alex Mashak at SNC31.
 Drive: 4 plays, 11 yards, TOP 1:33
Uwec 1-10on Snc31UW-EAU CLAIRE drive start at 04:03.
Uwec 1-10on Snc31Austin Belot rush for 5 yards to the SNC26 (Joe Peterson).
Uwec 2-5on Snc26Keshaun Story rush for loss of 4 yards to the SNC30 (Kordell Draves).
Uwec 3-9on Snc30Jonathan Malueg sacked for loss of 6 yards to the SNC36 (M. Barrett), fumble by Jonathan Malueg recovered by UWEC Austin Belot at SNC42.
Uwec 4-21on Snc42Timeout St. Norbert College, clock 02:26.
Uwec 4-21on Snc42Brad Goetsch punt 32 yards to the SNC10, downed.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 11 yards, TOP 1:47
Snc 1-10on Snc10ST. NORBERT COLLEGE drive start at 02:16.
Snc 1-10on Snc10Gage McClanahan pass complete to S. Staehling for 90 yards to the UWEC0, 1ST DOWN SNC, TOUCHDOWN, clock 02:04.
Brady Wodack kick attempt good.
St. Norbert College 14, UW-Eau Claire 7
 Drive: 1 play, 90 yards, TOP 0:12
Jeff Allen kickoff 65 yards to the UWEC0, Keshaun Story return 22 yards to the UWEC22 (M. Creighton), PENALTY UWEC personal foul (Seth Djernes) 11 yards to the UWEC11, 1st and 10, UWEC ball on UWEC11.
Uwec 1-10on Uwec11UW-EAU CLAIRE drive start at 02:04.
Uwec 1-10on Uwec11Austin Belot rush for 12 yards to the UWEC23, 1ST DOWN UWEC (Walter McBride).
Uwec 1-10on Uwec23Austin Belot rush for 6 yards to the UWEC29 (Walter McBride).
Uwec 2-4on Uwec29Austin Belot rush for 2 yards to the UWEC31 (Kordell Draves).
Uwec 3-2on Uwec31Jonathan Malueg rush for 1 yard to the UWEC32 (M. Barrett).
Uwec 4-1on Uwec32Timeout St. Norbert College, clock 00:20.
Uwec 4-1on Uwec32Brad Goetsch punt 37 yards to the SNC31, fair catch by M. Galanopoulos.
 Drive: 4 plays, 21 yards, TOP 1:50
Snc 1-10on Snc31ST. NORBERT COLLEGE drive start at 00:14.
Snc 1-10on Snc31Gage McClanahan pass incomplete.
Snc 2-10on Snc31Brandon Dudley rush for 4 yards to the SNC35 (Sam Romanski).
Snc 3-6on Snc35End of half, clock 00:00.