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Request for Identity Graphics

The identity symbols included in the identity guide are meant to allow for reasonable conformity while maintaining a consistent image and identity for the college. The Office of Communications maintains master graphic files for all the various word marks and images used in the St. Norbert College identity system.

The creative team in the Office of Communications exists to serve the graphic design needs of the college community and will provide advice and support for the information included in this system. They will work directly with vendors to provide the right designs and proper digital files to fit vendor specifications.

Requests for specific designs, versions of or alterations to the St. Norbert Green Knight athletic identity system should be made using the form below, as should questions about use of any of the college identity marks.

Your Contact Information
Department or organization:
E-mail address:
Phone number:
Project Information
Type of request: Need identity graphic files
Need approval for use of identity
Have questions concerning identity
Type of file needed: St. Norbert College logo
Green Knight Athletic word mark(s)
Date needed:
Intended use:

Include information such as
• type of project (print, web, banner)
• color restrictions
• size

Vendor Information
E-mail address:
Phone number:
Website listing specifications:

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