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If you have not previously activated your SNC Network account, go to and click “Activate new account” using your SNC Student ID number, which is at the bottom of your financial aid office email. Then return to this page to proceed with the steps below.

Once you have activated your SNC Network account, follow the steps below:

1. Go to KnightLine
2. Login with your six-letter login ID and password
3. Click “Financial Aid Dashboard”
4. Select Appropriate Award Year
5. If you need to complete documents (Home tab): click on the form name to complete electronically.  If your parent's signature is required, please use their email address listed on the FAFSA.  If you need to see your award offer, click on the Award Offer tab.  After reviewing your financial aid, select an option in the "Take Action" column to accept or decline your offered federal loans, and then click "Submit."