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St. Norbert College member of the Annapolis Group

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From St. Norbert College, March 24, 2011
by Mike Counter,, (920) 403-3089

St. Norbert College has joined an affiliation of the nation's most esteemed liberal arts colleges and universities, the Annapolis Group. The Annapolis Group comprises approximately 130 leading national independent liberal arts colleges that have similar interests and concerns centering on the liberal arts values that inform their missions. It provides a forum for member institutions to share best practices, seek higher levels of excellence, and advance the cause of liberal arts education on a national scale. Through several forms of outreach, the Annapolis Group draws public attention to the educational goals and distinctive strengths of its member institutions and facilitates their participation in national conversations relating to higher education.
"It's a great honor for St. Norbert College to be welcomed into the Annapolis Group," said Thomas Kunkel, president of St. Norbert College. "It's yet another sign of our commitment to academic excellence, and it will be a valuable resource for the college and its faculty."
In pursuing their shared educational objectives, each Annapolis Group member institution relies, first of all, upon its faculty of professional educators who are committed to teaching that is informed by continuing research and creative activity. Member colleges also seek to instill their core values and educational aims within their administrative and support staffs, and to express them throughout the life of their institutions.
Finally, each institution believes that the diverse yet closely knit residential collegiate communities characteristic of Annapolis Group schools create educational environments that are uniquely efficacious in supporting transformative undergraduate education.

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