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St. Norbert College Professor Publishes New Book on "Economics of the NFL"

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From , December 16, 2011
by Mike Counter,, (920) 403-3089

Kevin G. Quinn, associate academic dean and professor of economics at St. Norbert College, has published "The Economics of the National Football League: The State of the Art (Sports Economics, Management and Policy)" (Springer December-2011).

"Divided into parts, the book lays down a marker as to the state of economists' understanding of the National Football League (NFL), assembling sophisticated, critical surveys by leading sports economists on major topics associated with the league. Part I includes an overview of the business of the NFL from an economist's perspective.Part II is a collection of surveys of the economics of the NFL's most important revenue streams, including media, attendance and merchandising.The NFL's labor economics is the focus of Part III, with chapters on player and coach labor markets, the draft and contract structure.Part IV includes essays on competitive balance, gambling, economic impacts of the Super Bowl, behavioral economic issues associated with the league, and antitrust issues." (Springer)

For more information, go to the publisher's description page at

Quinn, who has been a member of the St. Norbert College economics faculty since 1994, is an expert in sports economics. He has presented papers at many conferences and published numerous articles in professional publications. He also wrote the book "Sports and their Fans" (2009-McFarland Publishers)

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