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Boyer donates Lloyd Alexander collection to St. Norbert College; will speak at Mulva Library

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From St. Norbert College, August 25, 2012
by Mike Counter,, 920-403-3089

Robert Boyer, emeritus professor of English at St. Norbert College, has donated his Lloyd Alexander collection to the Miriam B. and James J. Mulva Library archives at the college.

The collection includes Lloyd Alexander's published works, and correspondence between Boyer and the author.
Boyer will present "Before J.K. Rowling There Was Lloyd Alexander" on Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m. in the presentation room of the Mulva Library.

Materials in the collection will also be displayed. The talk is free and open to the public.

Lloyd Alexander had a remarkable run of successes in young adult fantasy literature. It started in 1963 with "Time Cat," included the five-book "Chronicles of Prydain" (completed in 1968), and concluded with "The Golden Dreams of Carlo Chuchio" (2007, the year Alexander died).
Along the way, Alexander won many awards, including the most coveted in young adult literature, the Newberry Medal and the National Book Award. Boyer wrote a lengthy essay on Alexander in 1981, the mid-point of Alexander's distinguished career.
This time, Boyer will discuss the second half of that career. He will talk about Alexander's place in young adult literature, in particular in young adult fantasy literature.
Boyer came to St. Norbert right out of graduate school (University of Pennsylvania) in 1968. He retired after thirty-six years of teaching at St. Norbert College.

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