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St. Norbert College Faculty Development Summer Awards Announced

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From St. Norbert College, June 24, 2013
by Mike Counter,, 920-403-3089

Seventeen St. Norbert College faculty are receiving 2013 summer grant awards of $2,500 each. The recipients are as follows: Curricular and Instructional Improvement Awards
Erik Brekke, assistant professor of physics:
to support the development of an optical and atomic physics course that introduces optical physics that includes a laboratory component, hands-on experience, laser interferometry, optical cavities, laser feedback and spectroscopy.
Tynisha Meidl, assistant professor of education:
to support the re-conceptualization of two courses in the teacher education department that will undergo changes to meet the objectives of the state's Foundations of Reading Objectives.

Wayne Patterson, professor of history: to support participation in a ten-day Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) faculty development seminar in Shanghai regarding economic development and urban transformation in that city.

Reid Riggle, associate professor of education:
to support the creation of a course examining the relationship between self and other stemming from living in community. The course will provide chances for service-learning in local, national and international communities.

Scholarship, Research and Artistic Endeavors Awards

Deborah Anderson, associate professor of biology:
to support the recovery of Sciuravid rodents from the Wind River that will help increase the current sample size along with the accuracy of localities. This project will be testing the hypothesis that a previously found specimen represents a new species of Sciuravus.

David Bailey, assistant professor of biology:
to support the determination of the extent of aromatase disruption and synaptic localization of vesicular glutamate transporter protein 2 in zebra finch neurons using confocal microscopy.
Brandon Bauer, assistant professor of art:
to support the development and production of a new series of artwork created for a solo exhibition at the Frank Juarez Gallery, mapping and exploring nuclear proliferation and the nuclear disarmament movement.

April Beiswenger, assistant professor of theatre studies:
to support the creation of art pieces exploring how audiences of a non- religious/agnostic/atheistic tradition perceive the religiosity of objects.

Mara Brecht, assistant professor of religious studies:
to support the development of an essay titled "Pluralism and the Problem of Soteriological Privilege," to be published in a volume on teaching comparative theology in the twenty-first century.

Anindo Choudhury, professor of biology and environmental science: to support the sampling and genetic analysis of parasites of North American freshwater fishes.

David Hunnicutt, associate professor of biology:
to support the establishment of fish colonies in the Pennings Activity Center building on the St. Norbert campus with the relocation of the zebra fish tanks due to the demolition of the west wing of John Minahan Science Hall. Also, support for an expansion of the facilities to house yellow perch.

Carrie Kissman, assistant professor of biology and environmental science:
to support the collaborative project between St. Norbert College and the Dream Lake Association to reduce the formation of algal blooms in Dream Lake.

Jamie Lynch, assistant professor of sociology:
to support the study of increased use of alcohol of those who attend or do not attend college before, during and after typical college ages.

Joel Mann, assistant professor of philosophy:
to support a re-interpretation of Antiphon's first tetralogy as a philosophically significant contribution to the historical development of the epistemology of testimony.

Robert Osgood, professor and chair of teacher education:
to support the research of key aspects of special education here and in Indonesia and also to research international approaches to academic service-learning.

Alexa Trumpy, assistant professor of sociology:
to support the examination of how social movement actors assess the resonant appeal of oppositional movement rhetoric and make counter-framing decisions.
The Summer Grants Program offers faculty the opportunity to obtain financial support for scholarly, artistic, curricular and instructional projects undertaken during the summer months. During the past twenty-eight years, through over 420 individual grants, the program has provided many different faculty with opportunities that otherwise might not have been undertaken or completed.

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