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St. Norbert Collaborative Center for Undergraduate Research Announces Spring 2016 Grants

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From St. Norbert College, February 18, 2016
by Erich Wegenke,, 920-403-3089

The St. Norbert Collaborative, the college's center for undergraduate research, has announced the recipients of its Spring 2016 student-faculty collaborative research grants. The student-faculty research teams who were awarded grants, and the titles of their projects, are listed below.

David Bailey, Associate Professor of Biology (two projects splitting one grant)

Dominic Schaut (Oneida, Wis.), Biology - Biomedical Concentration

"An investigation of RNA levels in estrogen-sensitive hippocampal efferents"

David Bailey, Associate Professor of Biology

Brittany Rupp (Green Bay, Wis.) and Danielle Gardner (Germantown, Wis.), Biology - Biomedical Concentration

"Spatial memory behavior and quantification of VGLUT2 mRNA in the hippocampus of corticosterone-treated adult male and female zebra finches"

Ryan King, Assistant Professor of Biology

Halee Martin (Florence, Wis.), Biology

"Identification of drugs that specifically destroy planarian protonephridia"

Anindo Choudhury, Professor of Biology and Environmental Sciences

Boris Semnic (Novi Sad, Serbia), Biology

"Biodiversity discovery and analysis in a parasitic fluke"

Russ Feirer, Associate Professor of Biology

Mitch Ledwith (Neenah, Wis.), Austin Livingston (Appleton, Wis.), Davey Holzer (Hartford, Wis.), John Grady (Wausau, Wis.), Biology

"The Effect of Compounds from Bracken Fern (Pteridium aquilinum) on the Viability of Human Cancer Cell Lines"

Deborah Anderson, Associate Professor of Biology

Katie Flesch (Sun Prairie, Wis.), Biology

"Phylogenetic analysis of Sciuravus nitidus (Rodentia; Sciuravidae) from the Middle Eocene of Wyoming"

Zach Pratt, Assistant Professor of Biology

Olivia Koehn (West Bend, Wis.), Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry minors

"Does the gene, MzrA, contribute to the growth of Escherichia coli in the presence of bile salts?"

Joel E. Mann, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Andrew Gisi (Madison, Wis.), Philosophy

"On Hans Kelsen's 'Zur Theorie der Juristischen Fiktionen:' A Translation and Critical Reflection"

Carrie Kissman, Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Tyler Butts (Mauston, Wis.), Biology/Environmental Science

"The effects of dredging activity in the lower Fox River on zooplankton species diversity"

Erik Brekke, Assistant Professor of Physics

Sam Potier (Sturgeon Bay, Wis.), Physics and Mathematics

"Laser Build-up Cavity"

The Collaborative center for undergraduate research will be awarding another round of student-faculty collaborative research grants for summer research, and another for research during the Fall 2016 semester. The application deadline for those grants is April 4, 2016.

For more information, contact John Pennington, professor of English and director of the St. Norbert Collaborative, at 920-403-3147 or via email at, or visit

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