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"Fashion This" Series at St. Norbert College and Silver Lake College

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From St. Norbert College, August 17, 2016
by Mike Counter,, 920-403-3089

"Fashion This," a series of exhibitions and events that shine a light on "fast fashion" practices while also proposing practical, small-scale solutions, has several events and exhibitions beginning Aug. 29 and running through Oct. 13.

Fast fashion is a term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from the catwalk quickly into stores in order to capture current fashion trends. Fast fashion clothing collections are based on the most recent fashion trends presented at "Fashion Week" in both the spring and the autumn every year.

All of the "Fashion This" events and exhibitions will take place at either St. Norbert College or Silver Lake College in Manitowoc.

Fast fashion depends on cheap prices, sweatshops, child labor and over consumption. It reportedly pollutes water supplies, generates massive amounts of waste and is unsustainable.

For more information on "Fashion This," contact Shan Bryan-Hanson at shan.bryan-

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