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St. Norbert College has one of the Lowest Student Loan Default Rates in the Nation

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From St. Norbert College, January 25, 2017
by Mike Counter,, 920-403-3089

Among all Wisconsin colleges and universities, whether public, private or for-profit, St. Norbert College has the fifth-lowest student loan default rate in the state.

That finding was contained in a comprehensive report issued last week by the Student Loan Report. It also found that St. Norbert ranks in the top 10 percent of all schools in the nation for the percentage of its graduates repaying their college loans.

St. Norbert's loan default rate stood at just 1.27 percent.

"There's been a great deal of media attention on college affordability and student loan debt of late," said St. Norbert president Thomas Kunkel. "At St. Norbert, we will continue to do our best to assure all students receive a first-class education at an affordable price. We are tremendously proud of our students, who work hard to graduate in four years or less," Kunkel said. "And then our admissions and financial aid staffs continually strive to position them to successfully repay any debt they may accumulate along the way."
The Student Loan Report study examined federal student loan default rates for over 4,500 schools in the nation, using the Department of Education default rate data. Public schools, private schools and non-degree/for-profit schools were included.
Default rates were calculated by dividing the number of students in default by the total number of students in repayment. Default rates by state and by type of school were determined by dividing the total number of borrowers in default by the total number of borrowers for each state/type of school.
For more information, or to see the study, go to

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