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St. Norbert College Professor Publishes New Book

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From St. Norbert College, October 12, 2020
by Mike Counter,, 920-362-8864

Carolyne R. Larson, assistant professor of Latin American History at St. Norbert College, has edited “The Conquest of the Desert Argentina’s Indigenous Peoples and the Battle for History,” to be published in November 2020 by the University of New Mexico Press.
For more than 100 years, the Conquest of the Desert (1878 - 1885) has marked Argentina’s historical passage between eras, standing at the gateway to the nation’s “Golden Age” of progress, modernity and – most contentiously – national whiteness and the “invisibilization” of Indigenous peoples. This traditional narrative has deeply influenced the ways in which many Argentines understand their nation’s history, its laws and policies and its cultural heritage. As such, the conquest has shaped debates about the role of Indigenous peoples within Argentina in the past and present. “The Conquest of the Desert” brings together scholars from across disciplines to offer an interdisciplinary examination of the conquest and its legacies. The collection explores issues of settler colonialism, Indigenous-state relations, genocide, borderlands, and Indigenous cultures and land rights through essays that reexamine one of Argentina’s most important historical periods.
For more information on the book, go to the publisher’s description page at
Larson also is author of “Our Indigenous Ancestors: A Cultural History of Museums, Science, and Identity in Argentina, 1877 – 1943.”
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