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Each year, nine students (3 sophomore, 3 junior, and 3 senior) and three faculty members are selected to serve as an Honor Board pool for the entire academic year. The Student Government Association Executive Board will determine the procedure for the selection or election of student members of the Honor Board pool each spring. The Faculty will elect Faculty members of the Honor Board pool for two-year terms.

At the beginning of the fall semester, the Honor Board pool will be trained in Academic Honor Code procedures. Each member of the Honor Board pool is required to participate in such training before hearing cases.

When an Academic Honor Board is convened, three student members and two faculty members are selected from the Honor Board pool to hear each case, through a regular rotation plan decided upon at the beginning of the academic year. Pool members are thus offered an opportunity to hear cases, and will serve according to their availability. A regular member may decline participation in a case, if he or she would be unable to render an unbiased verdict. However, mere acquaintance with the Student Respondent will not be sufficient grounds to excuse oneself from participation.

If the alleged misconduct involves a graduate student, the Associate Academic Dean will work with the director(s) of the graduate program to appoint two graduate students who will temporarily serve on the Honor Board.

Hearings of the Academic Honor Board will be chaired by the College's trained Honor Code Mediator, who has no vote.

Each semester, the Associate Academic Dean's Office will inform the campus community about cases involving confirmed academic misconduct through the campus newspaper, a campus-wide memorandum, or other appropriate means. These periodic reports will describe the general nature of the misconduct and any sanctions imposed. To ensure confidentiality, the reports will not include the names of individuals involved or details that might serve to identify individuals involved.

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