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If you have had trouble accessing KnightLine it may be because you have not entered your LOGIN correctly, you made a PIN mistake, your PIN has expired due to inactivity, or you have been locked out after unsucessfully attempting to enter the system.

Your Login I.D. is your 9 digit SNC I.D. with three preceding zeros (000XXXXXX). The last 6 numbers can be found on your I.D. Card.

Log In PIN vs. REG PIN ???
Students must be careful to use their LOGIN PIN not their REG PIN (Registration PIN) to enter the system. Login PIN's are established to enter the secure side of KnightLine. REG PIN's are given by advisors to students to allow access to the registration add/drop courses section once a student has entered the secure area.

Initial Login Instructions:
When first logging into the secure area, students must enter an INITIAL PIN which will expire upon entry and then will create a new personal PIN for future entry. Your initial PIN is emailed to your SNC Email Account. All new students and employees are given a SNC email account. Please contact the Computer Services Help Desk at 403-HELP for assistance in setting up your email account and retrieving your INITIAL PIN.

After initial access, login PIN's are disabled and a new 6 position case sensitive alphanumeric or numeric PIN must be established. A "Forgot PIN" question must be entered and a case sensitive answer must be entered to assist you with forgotten PIN access. In addition, be careful that you don't have the "CAPS LOCK" key set on your keyboard when entering a PIN of you may type the wrong case senisitve letter.

Establishing a New Login PIN upon entry:
After initial entry your initial PIN (see above) will expire. Create a new PIN by first entering your INITIAL access PIN again and then create a new personal PIN for future LOGINs. New PIN's can be numeric (i.e. 123456) or alphanumeric (A12B34). PIN's have to be 6 characters. Shorter or longer PIN's will not work. Remember that when using letters they are case sensitive. KnightLine sees a PIN of "A12B34" as different than a PIN of "a12b34". Next create a PIN retrieval question in case you forget your LOGIN PIN and provide a one word case sensitive answer. You will now have access to KnightLine.

KnightLine Lock Out Message:
If you receive an error that you have been locked out of KnightLine after a number of failed attempts, you will need to wait 3 minutes and go to your SNC e-mail account. The system will generate a new INITIAL PIN for you and send it to you via e-mail.

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