The college holds a fundamental commitment to the safety and well-being of its community.

Good Samaritan Policy

The college holds a fundamental commitment to the safety of its community. It is vital for students to call campus safety or a residence education staff person when an intoxicated student needs medical help.

The Good Samaritan Policy offers a clear message to students that they should report any potentially dangerous cases of alcohol or drug intoxication. Students or organizations that seek emergency attention for dangerously intoxicated individuals may not be subject to formal disciplinary action, at the discretion of the director of prevention education and student judicial affairs based on the safety issues involved.

The policy applies both to the person requiring help and the person or organization reporting their concern. The policy reflects the college’s priority on safety and does not rule out an educational response to the incident. The student’s permanent educational record will reflect no formal disciplinary action, but the college may contact the student’s parents as a health precaution and may require a professional alcohol/drug evaluation and referral to the counseling center. The policy refers to isolated incidents only and does not protect those who flagrantly and repeatedly violate the college’s alcohol policy.

In order for this policy to apply, the intoxicated student(s) must agree to timely completion of recommended alcohol education activities, assessment, and/or treatment depending on the level of concern for student health and safety. Serious or repeated incidents will prompt a higher degree of medical concern. Failure to complete recommended follow-up will likely result in disciplinary action and/or a medical withdrawal.