Living Norbertine

What does the formation of the Norbertine order in 12th-century France have to do with your life, here and now? It’s a question worth asking …

Divine Intersection

A series of four triptychs that greets both budding and seasoned scientists at the entrance to the new Gehl-Mulva Science Center provides a scriptural resolution to the ongoing dialog between science and religion, faith and reason. It is a conversation that lies at the heart of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

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Housing Choices on Campus Knit Friends Together in Living Communities

Hats to keep the tiniest of heads warm; the environment; Big and Little Sisters; the college’s newest academic center: This year’s eight Theme Houses and the friends who have opted to live in them are dedicated to making a difference across a broad sphere of influence.

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Zambia Project Visit Turns Into Longer Commitment for Alums

Two women whose first trips to Zambia were made as students have returned to the country to continue their work in its schools.

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Worldwide Community

Norbertine abbeys, priories and convents are currently established and active in 23 countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

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Catholic, Norbertine, Liberal Arts

Our three core traditions guide our common life at St. Norbert.

Our mission

Being Norbertine

We share a 900-year long heritage infused with zeal, commitment, devout service and a loving spirit. When mission and heritage take such a living form on our campus, it's not hard to say that we're Norbertine and we're proud of it!

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Norbert of Xanten

Born in Germany in 1080, Norbert was the founder of the Order of Premontratensians, more commonly known as the Norbertines. Priest, bishop and later, saint, Norbert was known as a peacemaker, servant and reconciler.

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Communion in Every Sense

The office of alumni and parent relations makes sure Norbertine spirituality is celebrated at alumni gatherings, with a Mass often included in the day’s events.

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Norbertine in De Pere

The first Norbertine community in the United States, now St. Norbert Abbey, was founded here. And our campus church, Old St. Joe’s, was the first college parish in the United States.

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Beautiful to Me

We put a single question to members of our extended community. We wanted to know, “What is it, here at St. Norbert College, that is beautiful to you?” Their answers build up a layered and lovely composite, an image of a unique place.

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Into the Wild

“These were not just any eight students. … They fairly vibrated with a sense of readiness.” – Deirdre Egan-Ryan (English) writes about teaching our Gap Experience students during their semester at large.

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Assist, Protect, Defend

Col. Erica Nelson ’90 is responsible for 1,200 soldiers, 130 civilians and 700 inmates in two correctional facilities. We asked her what inspires her leadership.

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Kazakhstani Conversation Connects Two-and-a-Half Green Knights

A St. Norbert thread draws together a young Kazakhstani alum and a 10-year-old looking for answers about the country of his birth.

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docere verbo et exemplo

It is Latin for to teach by word & example, and it’s our motto at St. Norbert College.

The College Celebrates Its European Heritage

St. Norbert College, along with its founding abbey in De Pere, Wis., maintains strong connections with the ancient Norbertine abbeys of Europe.

One Year, $100, One Great Cup of Coffee

Meet Nell Benton ’01, who bought a Milwaukee café for a single C-note and is building a community along with her brand-new customer base.

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English Teaching Opportunities Attract New Graduates

In recent years, the teaching of English as a foreign language has taken young alums on some interesting post-college adventures.

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“Life Goal: Make My Dad a Hard-Core Feminist”

On the first anniversary of our new center for issues of gender and identity, its director writes movingly on the story at the heart of its mission.

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What is Norbertine?

We strive to uphold a few simple values: communio, action & contemplation, and faithful and local.

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Prison Study Unlocks New Doors

An unlooked-for experience as a minority of one brought new perspective for a senior looking to deepen her study of race relations and criminal justice.

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Center for Norbertine Studies

Explore the origins of our founding order, along with poems, letters, books and other early Norbertine documents.

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Passages of Art

Art is more than the images that enrich our lives. Art also records our passages through time and place, says Jesse Borlen ’14. His research has taken him deep into three paintings in the college’s own collection. And it prompted him to curate an exhibit exploring those very themes – themes he connects to a long-standing and personal interest in immigration. 

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