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Best Friends

With their grading behind them and Commencement taken care of, our professors came back to campus for a summer evening romp and photo shoot with their canine companions. We thought it would be like herding cats (oops), but in fact everyone behaved beautifully. The only problem is, we seem to have lost track of who belongs to whom. Can you help us match prof to pup?

The pups

A. Bruiser is a miniature fox terrier: “About 15 pounds of tough!!”  B. Lulu, at 25lbs, is a mutt – a schnauzer/whippet mix. (“I call her a swippet!,” says her owner.)  C. Snowflake is a white German shepherd; Max is a chocolate Lab; Klink is mostly German shepherd. “They are old, but oddly frisky and quirky ... and one is skittish. Rescues, ya know!”
Dog Dog Dog
D. Roman is a 10-year-old retired greyhound racer, brindle-striped. “Cool story, his littermates and he were born on the Fourth of July at the track, so they’re all named after fireworks. (‘Roman Candle.’) E. C. Finley is a flat-coated retriever/chow/husky mix. Her owner says, “My dog is named after my favorite spy character on ‘Burn Notice.’ Chuck Finley is his alias. But, because Chuck is a man and my dog is a girl, we decide to call her C. Finley.” F. Spencer is an Old English sheepdog. “He’s so smart that when he learned the words ‘treat,’ ‘walk,’ and ‘ride,’ we started spelling them out. But then he learned the spelled-out words too!”
Dog Dog Dog
G. “Remi is my name. Being a 4-year old cutie is my game. I like my duckie, walks, and Cheerios! Follow me on Instagram at @remithegooddoggo.” H. “Minnie is a rescue dog, so I am not positive about details. She is some mix, but mostly is a Minpin [a miniature pinscher]. I’d classify her as a small dog (though she thinks she is big). She has me wrapped around her paws.” I. Oliver has a best friend! His owner says, “Every time I went to pick him up [from doggy daycare], everyone there would gush about how cute Oliver and Chief were together, always playing and running together, even napping together. When Chief's people picked him up one day, Oliver grabbed onto Chief's leash with his mouth so they wouldn't take him.”
Dog Dog Paw print
J. Willow is a retriever/pointer mix. “She's not entirely trained, like her human mom. :)”  K. Milo is a small Maltipoo [Maltese and miniature poodle] “He is white when not in the mud and he loves outdoor activities. He is four years old, but is often confused for a puppy.” 

The profs

Wayne Patterson Carrie Kissman AnaMaria Seglie
1. Wayne Patterson (History) 2. Carrie Kissman (Biology) 3. AnaMaria Seglie (English)
Bill Van Ess Jim Harris Kristee Boehm
4. Bill Van Ess ’85 (Business Administration) 5. Jim Harris (Business Administration) 6. Kristee Boehm (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Wendy Scattergood Judy Cervantes Marc von der Ruhr
7. Wendy Scattergood (Political Science) 8. Judy Cervantes (Modern Languages & Literatures) 9. Marc von der Ruhr (Economics)
Anna Herrman Laurie MacDiarmid
10. Anna Herrman (Communication & Media Studies) 11. Laurie MacDiarmid (English)

The answers

Our profs and pups: A4, B3, C6, D5, E2, F1, G10, H9, I7, J11, K8

June 30, 2018