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2015: A Landmark Year

Not since its founding in 1898 has St. Norbert College seen such a year. Any one of the five big initiatives coming to fruition over the next few months would be enough to see 2015 written up in the history books; together they make for a game-changing experience. >>MORE

All Power to HerAll Power to Her
The clatter of free weights hitting the floor and athletes pushing their limits are sweet sounds for Paige Bayer ’15, likely St. Norbert College’s first competitive powerlifter. >>MORE

Background ResearchBackground Research
A trio of young women with their sights set on grad school are already deep in original research – and their findings are proving of personal as well as scholarly significance. >>MORE

New from St. Norbert

Old St. Joe’s Sits High on List of Best College Churches
A higher education blog has ranked the home of the St. Norbert College Parish above many justly celebrated places of worship. 
2004 Grad With Nigerian Team in Challenging Conjoined Twins Surgery
The eyes of the world were on pediatric fellow Dr. Oluyemisi Fowode-Adeyemi ’04 as she assisted with the surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital. >>MORE
Initiative Opens Doors
St. Norbert students living on the autism spectrum will benefit from new and key supports through a pilot program launched this year. >>MORE
Music Man Takes His Leave
A blue-jeans-plus-credentials volunteer path takes Phil Oswald, vice president for college advancement, into a world that’s significantly different in many ways from his life as a suit-and-tie-wearing senior administrator. >>MORE
Remarkable Twin Seasons for Hoops
Two Midwest Conference Championships; two NCAA Division III Tournament appearances; a second un-defeated season registered by the men’s team; the run of excellence continues for St. Norbert basketball. >>MORE
Belgian Abbey Visit Aids Research
When Luke Manderle ’18 and Alex Gruber ’18 applied for research fellowships at the Center for Norbertine Studies, they knew the opportunity would require two things: the study of Norbertine heritage, and foreign travel. A January trip supplied both. >>MORE
A Living History to Welcome You Home
It’s been home to student, professor and past president. The house at 306 Third Street that now serves as home base for visiting alumni, saw more than a little college life even before its present use. >>MORE

Regular Features

In My Words/Growing Talent in the New North
A college is many things. Most obviously, it’s an institution of higher learning. But it’s also a cultural center. A research generator. An athletics hub. A faith community. And it’s a business a big business, in fact, says President Tom Kunkel. >>MORE
Personally Speaking/Why Do We Do It?
“Why do we choose to teach? Why do we dare to learn? For three reasons, I believe: We do it for ourselves. We do it for each other. And we do it to change the world.” Blake Henson (Music) >>MORE
Treasure/Henry Sink
“I first met Henry Sink in census data as a resident of De Pere in 1895. Born into slavery in Arkansas, he was in Wisconsin by the early 1860s and may have arrived as ‘contraband of war.’ ” Victoria Tashjian (History) >>MORE
Alumni Profile/A Leav Out of His Own Book
Bobby Maher ’06 and his team at 
Leav have been capitalizing on new technologies to deliver art the way it was once enjoyed: as a transient experience, appreciated in situ. >>MORE
Big Picture/Day is Done
Glories stream from heaven afar: an evening benison for a campus whose perennial beauty is reflected in the passing waters of the Fox River. >>MORE