St. Norbert College offers ample parking for visitors, located behind the Welcome and Cassandra Voss Centers.

Parking at St. Norbert College

Early Arrival Student Parking/Towing Notice:

Due to the continued construction around campus, Packer camp, and the needs of Old St. Joseph’s parish, any students that are here as an early arrival MUST park (day and night) in a student lot. Employee/commuter lots are not available for student parking. Violators will be ticketed. 

TOWING NOTICE-P6 will be closed on Wednesday 8/20 and Thursday 8/21 for FRESHMAN MOVE IN.  Students will need to park in another student lot on those two days. Violators will be TOWED.

For the day you check in/move in you may park in any closer open lot (except for VMC which is strictly for the Packers until 8/16) while you are unloading but you must move your car when you are finished.  Violators will be ticketed or towed if necessary. 

Our parking regulations have been adopted in order to ensure an orderly and efficient use of parking areas by students, employees and visitors, and to comply with local fire ordinances and police regulations. All motor vehicle laws of the state of Wisconsin are applicable to the campus to the same extent as if this campus and its streets were public roadways.  Please remember, your parking rights may be revoked at any time due to your negligence. 


Parking Regulations & Policies
A detailed description of the official parking policies and regulations of St. Norbert College.

Campus Parking Lots
Be aware of all the parking lots on campus and where faculty, staff, students and visitors of St. Norbert College should park.

Parking Permits
All vehicles driven to campus by faculty, staff and students during the year need to be registered with the college. 

Parking Violations & Appeals
Please be aware of the parking violations enacted by the college. If you were wrongly ticketed, you may complete an appeal form.