Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service (TRIPS) challenges students to participate in a week or more of personal growth through life-changing service in areas throughout the United States and the world.

TRIPS Issues & Destinations

The 2015-16 TRIPS destinations, dates and leaders are below:

Long Weekend
Environmental Justice
Oct. 7-11, 2015 Emily Owens
Sam Erickson
Winter Break – Domestic
Children’s Medical - Iowa
Iowa City, IA
Jan. 3-9, 2016 Maria Sauer
Quincy Kissack
Children’s Medical -Tennessee
Memphis, TN
Jan. 9-16, 2016 Olivia Koehn
Whitney Oren
Urban Education -Florida
Miami, FL
Jan. 16-23, 2016 Aly Tomey
Immigration and Refugee Issues
Chicago, IL
Jan. 17-22, 2016 Christian Madrigal
Ruby Robles
Urban Youth
Chicago, IL
Jan. 9-15
Allison Parra
Emily Steffanus
Urban Poverty-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
Jan. 16-23
Adam Strube
Rachel Pischke
Chicago, IL
Jan. 9-16 Sarah Cocco
Davey Holzer
Winter Break – International
International Medical
Jan. 3-16, 2016 Colton Wiesner
Sara Gionet
International Poverty - St. Lucia
St. Lucia, West Indies 
Jan. 8-22, 2016
Caitlin Green
Spring Break
Affordable Housing-Christmas in Action
Spartanburg, SC
March 19-26, 2016
Gretchen Stutz
Margaret Uselman
Affordable Housing – Habitat for Humanity
Little Rock, Ark.
March 19-26, 2016
Olivia Tarlton
Kea Schmuhl
Urban Poverty-Detroit
Detroit, MI
March 19-26, 2016
Adam LaLuzerne
Erin Knipp
Friends with Disabilities
Clinton, IA
March 18-26, 2016 Shannon Salter
Children’s Medical-Tennessee
Memphis, TN
March 19-25, 2016 
Brennan Schneider
Brooke Draxler
Urban Education – Milwaukee (Spring)
Milwaukee, Wis. 
March 20-24, 2016 
Hannah Kestly
Nicole Gardner

*All dates above are tentative and subject to change.