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English Language Learner Resources

Learning English is a difficult task for native speakers of the language, and it can pose even greater challenges for students learning it as a new language.

Visit these sites for more helpful information about writing and speaking in English:

Phonetics: The Sounds of American English
This site has an audio section that demonstrates different sounds typically heard in English words. It also includes images of a person’s mouth moving to make the sound and a diagram of each part of the mouth used to make that sound.

Spelling City
Make up your own spelling lists and test your knowledge of definitions and usage. The site’s audio provides examples of how to use vocabulary words in sentences.

Focus on aspects of grammar while you write your paper: word and sentence level, paragraph level, or essay and research paper.

Dave's ESL Cafe
The student section of this famous site includes lessons about grammar and phrasal verbs, pronunciation guides and quizzes. The student forum includes users’ posts about everything from current events to the definition of the word “livestock.”