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Jaime Edwards

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

B.A., UC Berkeley  
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Programs: Philosophy, Peace & Justice

My main philosophical interests are (1) social & political philosophy and (2) 19th & 20th Century Continental philosophy. I am especially interested in the intersection of these two areas. My philosophical work draws on contemporary empirical work in social psychology and political science.

I believe theory should be informed by practice and vice versa. In this spirit, in addition to researching and teaching, I am active in community work. Currently, my three areas of focus are mass incarceration, the foster care system, and refugees.

PHIL 120 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHIL/PEAC 266 Human Rights and Responsibilities
PHIL 282 Law, Morality, and Punishment
PHIL/POLI 316 Modern Political Thought
PHIL 340 20th Century Continental Philosophy
PHIL 389 Kant & 19th Century Philosophy
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