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Larry Scheich

Professor of Chemistry

B.S., Alma College 
Ph.D., University of California at Santa Cruz

Programs: Chemistry

I am a physical-inorganic chemist by training, my interests have turned to curricular reform in chemistry and polymer chemistry/material science.

For the past 7 years, I worked collaborated with colleagues at UW-Stevens Point, Carlow University and the University of Southern Mississippi on polymer education projects. We have received funding from the National Science Foundation to support the integration of research experiences into the first and second year chemistry courses and were recent funding from the Hewlett-Packard Corporation has supported the integration of wireless technology into the chemistry laboratories.

My current collaborations with students working together during the summer and throughout the academic year have been focused on antibacterial polymers and composites.

CHEM 105 General Chemistry 1 
CHEM 107 General Chemistry 2 
CHEM 320 Polymer Chemistry 
CHEM 330 Physical Chemistry 1 
CHEM 332 Physical Chemistry 2
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