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Broadening the High School Experience

St. Norbert College is pleased to be part of the Early College Credit Program (formerly the Youth Options Program), which allows public high school students in Wisconsin to take college courses for high school credit and, potentially, college credit. According to Wisconsin legislation, the cost of college classes, books and course materials will be paid by the public high school student’s school district if the high school does not offer a comparable course, or if the student has exhausted the course curriculum. 

All courses taken by Early College Credit Program students at St. Norbert College will be recorded and transcribed as postsecondary credit, and they will become part of a student's permanent college record. Credits earned through the Early College Credit Program are accepted by most other colleges and universities. However, St. Norbert College does not guarantee acceptance, since every institution is governed by its own policies.

All students are expected to adhere to St. Norbert College's campus rules and regulations. These will be explained in greater detail at orientation.

Benefits of the Early College Credit Program

  • Gain a competitive edge over other college applicants
  • Save on tuition, textbooks–in most cases, the school district pays for Early College Credit Program students’ tuition, fees and textbooks. It may also reduce the amount of tuition paid when you are a full-time college student because, when you transfer courses, that means fewer courses you have to take in college.
  • Earn up to 16 credits toward college before high school graduation
  • Provides access to the St. Norbert College Mulva Library resources
  • Improves your ability to do well on ACT and SAT tests

For details about the St. Norbert Early College Credit Program, please contact us at: dualenrollment@snc.edu

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