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What’s For Me?

We at St. Norbert College are committed to the spiritual development of all our students. We actively seek to provide places where students can explore life’s big questions, grow in religious understanding and deepen their faith commitments. See if one or more of the descriptors below sounds like you.

“I chose St. Norbert College because it’s Catholic … how can I deepen and practice my faith while on campus?” 
  • Go to church – St. Norbert College Parish is conveniently located right on campus! You can choose to get involved in a variety of ways.
  • Attend Donum Ipsum – where students, Emmaus Center staff and Norbertines gather to pray and explore important aspects of the Catholic tradition.
  • Attend a retreat. Offerings vary each semester. Check out what we have coming up!

“I live out my faith or values through service and working for justice.”

“I like hearing what my peers think about a variety of spiritual and religious topics.”

  • Attend an ALIVE program in your residence hall – talk with your peers about topics ranging from friendship to suffering to the ways we image God.
  • Go on a retreat.

“I’m not Catholic and my faith matters to me.”

  • Know that the ALIVE programs and most the Emmaus Center events are led by and aimed at students from a variety of faith backgrounds.
  • Our Protestant chaplain develops worship and discussion opportunities to meet the needs of students from diverse Christian backgrounds. Feel free to contact him directly to chat about your SNC experience. 
  • Look here for a listing of faculty and staff of various religious traditions who want to support students living out their beliefs.
  • When in doubt, contact the Emmaus Center. Faculty and staff on campus want to support you.
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