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Frequently Asked Banner Questions

How do I get a Banner account?
Submit a completed Banner Finance Access Request Form. If you already have a Banner account from one of the other Banner systems (Advancement, Human Resources, etc.) you do not need another account for Banner Finance. Only one account needs to be activated; however, each system has its own security setup.

I forgot my Banner password, what do I do? 
Contact the ITS service desk at 920-403-4040 for a password reset. Passwords are encrypted and cannot be retrieved so a new one must be issued.

How do I get access rights changed (funds and orgs)? 
Submit a completed Banner Finance Access Request Form. Access to Banner Finance data requires supervisory approval and is limited to data directly related to a user's job functions. A user's security is based on a a matrix of organization and fund codes. As users' duties change, access needs should be reevaluated and added or removed as appropriate.

How do I change my Banner password? 
From your Banner homepage, click the "Change Banner Password" link.

What's the difference between a budget transfer and journal entry? 
A budget transfer moves amounts in the budget column of financial data. A journal entry moves amounts in the year-to-date or "actuals" column of financial data. A budget is a plan and does not represent or measure actual results of operations whereas year-to-date amounts represent actual financial transactions including revenue and expenses.

How long does it take to process a budget transfer or journal entry? 
If an entry is appropriately justified and contains proper FOAPAL elements and amounts, it will usually be processed within 5 business days of receipt in the Finance Department. Unclear and/or incomplete entries will cause delays. Generally, budget transfers should be sent to Matt Clark and journal entries to Sally Gazza.

I run FZRODTA and get no data, why? 
Check the "Fiscal Year" and "To date" parameters. The selected "To date" must be within the time span of the selected "Fiscal Year." For example, a "Fiscal Year" of 04 and "To date" of OCT-31-2001 would return no data because OCT-31-2001 is not within the fiscal year of 04 (June 1, 2003 - May 31, 2004).

What's the difference between a temporary and permanent budget transfer? 
A permanent budget transfer will carry over to the following year while a temporary budget transfer will not. Budget transfer requests are presumed to be permanent unless specifically noted otherwise when communicated to the Finance Department for processing.

How often should I review my budget? 
It depends on personal preferences and the volume and frequency of transactions. Like changing the oil in your car, a good rule of thumb is to do it at least once every 3 months.

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