Meet our summer 2022 Standout Student

St. Norbert gives students the opportunity to experience the richness of college life, pursue their dreams and expand their knowledge of the world. Every quarter, the St. Norbert Fund profiles a Standout Student who is making the most of that opportunity.

Name: Cara Steiner

Major: Business Administration, Accounting

Graduation date: May 2023

Hometown: New Holstein, Wis.

Organizations, activities and awards: Ballroom Club, Paul and Carol Gehl Scholarship

Proudest moments at SNC
I’ve been a member of the Ballroom Club at St. Norbert since my first year. It’s always been my goal to be president, but I was shy and didn’t know if I could make that happen. This year, I was elected president. I was really proud of how far I had come and how the club helped me in my leadership skills to rise to that position. I’m also a student manager in my on-campus job with the college advancement engagement center. I’m proud that with the things I’m involved in, I’m always fully participating and taking on more responsibilities.

Favorite place on campus
I have a lot of favorite places on campus. I love sitting on the first floor of the campus center. Every time I’m there I see people I know, especially people I haven’t seen in a while. So, I just sit there sometimes and do homework. My other favorite place is in the music hall on the second floor. It’s a space that’s peaceful and quiet to study and focus.
Plans for the future
I’m a junior, double majoring in business administration and accounting. I want to pursue management, but I’m at a crossroads on whether I want to work for a nonprofit or in manufacturing. We’ll see where I end up, but I am excited about both options.
How St. Norbert has prepared me for success
At work here on campus and in class, I found a love for helping people. I like to be able to talk to my coworkers in the college advancement engagement center and give them advice on how they can improve, and more importantly how I can help them improve. I love answering questions and solving problems.
What I'll remember most about SNC
I’ll remember all the friendships I’ve made. At this point, the friendships I’ve made will last beyond college. I know that for sure. Some of the girls and I talk about future weddings and our future lives. It’s so important to me.
What my scholarship means to me
Without either of my scholarships, I would not be able to attend school here. They’ve played a huge role in my education. I am supported by the generosity of Paul and Carol Gehl. They help a lot of students in our area. They also donate to the Catholic school I attended when I was younger. It’s great that we’re able to offer these scholarships. I work in the call center, so I see firsthand where those dollars come from. I think it’s fantastic that alumni will give even just twenty dollars. Every time I’m on the phone with them, I let them know that we don’t care what you give, even the smallest amount helps put me or one of my classmates through college. I wish that everyone saw that each dollar they give actually makes a difference.