A St. Norbert education matters – now more than ever

What makes an SNC education distinctive? Three things:

First: Our students receive a holistic education. All that we do – not just inside the classroom, but outside it, too – is designed to teach. Students learn to think critically. To lead. To communicate. To find truth.

Second: We help students discern and live out their values, through careful contemplation and reflection. Here, they affirm what they believe in, and are inspired to act on it.

Third: We teach our students both the joys and responsibilities of living in community. Through that process, we produce engaged, informed global citizens, equipped and motivated to make a difference.

The world needs more students prepared in this way!

The campaign is the means by which we can continue to deliver this distinctive education, and make it even more robust. It is the means through which you can affirm that you value the things we deliver to our students, and the things they in turn deliver to the world.

It is your opportunity to Support What Matters