The magic of a St. Norbert education

Which is the transformational part of a St. Norbert education: The research project that hones a student’s critical thinking? The athletic competition that inspires leadership and teamwork? The service project that reveals the needs of our world? The artistic endeavor that opens up a new avenue for self-expression? The residential experience that imparts lessons of community and cooperation? The immersion in a new culture through study abroad?

It can be any of those … or all of those … or something entirely different. The magic of a St. Norbert education lies in its richness and its breadth. We know – because our students tell us so – that the most profound experiences of their time at SNC sometimes come from places impossible to anticipate.

Hence the campaign will build our endowment to support the myriad things that comprise the “student experience” – from athletics to study abroad, from student organizations to residential programs, from the arts to celebrations of diversity.

The impact of giving

As Grace Beno ’21 shared, being part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) was her proudest accomplishment at SNC. “I ended up getting to make my own little comic book – I have a physical copy of it in the library. It’s just really cool that I was able to propose a project, get the money for it and be a part of that program.” Read Grace's story and check out other examples of the impact of giving.

  • Squirrels, the Caf and “The Conversion” sculpture were a few of the subjects depicted in Green Knight TV’s annual sticker sale, held in spring.

    SNC students designed the decals, which the student-run TV station (GKTV) sold for $2 apiece. Profits were donated to TRUE Skool Inc., a Milwaukee-based group that works on educating and empowering youth and communities through the creative arts and hip-hop culture.

    Tom Kunkel