Living out our mission

The St. Norbert College education we deliver today has deep roots – in generations of liberal arts tradition, in centuries of Norbertine values, and in millennia of Catholic faith.

These things ground us; they keep us true to our purpose. We endure and thrive as an institution because we create an environment where those principles can endure and thrive. We nurture them and celebrate them.

Through the endowment, we will continue to live out our mission, and we will continue to look to our heritage for inspiration to be our best.

The impact of giving

As Ed Sturzl ’71 explains, “the mission of the college is to impact people for life.” He and wife Ann ’72 have been supporting this mission for the last 50 years – while helping build programming at the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning – as they continue to give back to SNC. Read their story and find more examples of the impact of giving.

  • The Catholic Press Association named “Man on Fire,” by President Emeritus Tom Kunkel, its 2020 Book of the Year by a Small Publisher. “Man on Fire,” the story of Norbert of Xanten, is published by the St. Norbert College Press in association with the Center for Norbertine Studies. The biography also placed in the Best Front Cover Artwork and the Biography categories in the annual North American awards program.

    “I am very gratified by this recognition,” says Kunkel. “We hope it will make even more people aware of the inspiring story of our founding saint, Norbert of Xanten.”

    Tom Kunkel