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Academic Technology Advisory Committee

The Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) serves to provide constituency input into the adoption and deployment of academic technologies that effectively evolve, enable, and support teaching, learning and scholarship along the full spectrum learning model. Physical and online learning environments, new and emerging technologies, student devices, and legal and ethical issues around the use of technology are among the topics to be addressed.


Three Faculty members, elected by the Faculty, one member of Academic Staff appointed by the Dean of the College, one representative from the Center for Global Engagement, appointed by the Academic Dean for Global Affairs, one representative from the Mulva Library, appointed by the Director of the Library, one representative from the Office of Academic Support appointed by the Associate Dean for Student Success and Retention, the DLI Director (ex officio) and DLI Digital Fellow (ex officio), up to two student representatives from the Student Government Association and the Director of Academic Technology (ex officio). Terms are two years for faculty, staggered, and one year for students.

Committee Members

Deborah Anderson Deborah Anderson
Professor of Biology
Location: Gehl-Mulva Science Center
Room: 3116

Phone: 920-403-3199
Shan Bryan-Hanson Shan Bryan-Hanson
Director and Curator of Art Galleries and Collections
Location: Bush Art Center
Room: 162

Phone: 920-403-3072
Corey Ciesielczyk Corey Ciesielczyk
Director of Academic Success Support Accessibility and Athletic Liaison
Location: Todd Wehr Hall
Room: 245

Phone: 920-403-3874
Joe Dyal Joe Dyal
Instruction and Academic Engagement Librarian
Location: Miriam and James Mulva Library
Room: 109

Phone: 920-403-3269
Katie Ginsbach Katie Ginsbach
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Location: Boyle Hall
Room: 308

Phone: 920-403-3450
Ben Huegel Ben Huegel
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Location: Cofrin Hall
Room: 306

Phone: 920-403-3287
Krissy Lukens Krissy Lukens
Director of Academic Technology
Location: Cofrin Hall
Room: 119

Phone: 920-403-3499
Alli Reed Alli Reed
Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs Advisor
Location: Bemis International Center
Room: 319

Phone: 920-403-3955
Reid Riggle Reid Riggle
Associate Professor of Teacher Education and Co Chair of Education
Location: Boyle Hall
Room: 232

Phone: 920-403-3065

Student Representatives

James Fitzwater James Fitzwater
Jack Perrin Jack Perrin

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