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Summer Fun Delivered Courtesy of Your Magazine Online

It’s summer, so we like to think you’re reading your new copy of St. Norbert College Magazine on the deck or on the dock, at the lake or wherever you get to play or at least kick back a little. It’s time to serve up some lighter fare along with the staples. 

Let’s start with President Emeritus Tom Kunkel, who, while he was still in office, decided to take a dip of his own, to the serious hazard of the presidential suit and tie he was wearing at the time. The occasion was the dedication of the brand new Mulva Family Fitness & Sports Center, which brings the college its first pool. 

Speaking of dips … here’s a recipe for a new one, Smoked Whitefish Spread. It’s one of the recipes Terese Allen ’77 offers as part of her Cabin Fare – a highly readable reflection on the food we associate with the easy-going pace of life at the cottage.

At St. Norbert Abbey, the pace of life is measured by the bells that call our contemplatives in action to prayer. It makes for an early start to the day – but not one the abbey community cares to inflict on its neighbors, you’ll note.

Speaking of the abbey, did you know it publishes its own coloring book featuring images of its extraordinarily fine stained glass? You can pick up a copy of the booklet if you’re able to attend this year’s AbbeyFest on Aug. 6. If not, take a peek on page 35 of the print issue – all our pages are always viewable online in pdf version. It’s a great way to riffle through the new issue if your own copy has not yet reached your mailbox, and you’ll find all our articles there – as well as our popular alumni notes section.

While you’re riffling, you might like to take a look at our earliest issues (when the magazine was still called Knight Life). They’re now uploaded to the college’s new digital commons. In this online repository, you can read on like it’s May 1967! Help us celebrate the 50th birthday of our publication by taking a look at our very first issue.

We promised you recipes, so here’s just one more. When the campus devoted itself to the hunt for a better burger, GreenKnightTV was there to document the chase. The student-run TV channel’s segment features Guy Fieri’s nephew, one Hamilton Burger. (“You can call me Hamburger for short.”) It’s worth watching as the Food Network knock-off interviews Chef Dan Froelich (Dining Services), along with the gourmand creators of the Dragon’s Breath, Lodi-Dodi Smoke, Dark Side of the Moon and Good Dog Poutine burgers. (“You heard it here on GreenKnightTV.”) The Lodi-Dodi Smoke won the campus contest and moved on to the James Beard Foundation's 2017 Blended Burger Project. You can vote for it daily!

July 11, 2017