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Educator of the Year Awards

Nominees for the Educator of the Year Award should be a faculty or staff member who:

  • inspires and empowers students to learn, grow and develop confidence
  • leads by example and essentially lives the mission of SNC
  • encourages and motivates students through consistent feedback that helps them realize their full potential
  • is actively engaged in, and contributes to, the college community above and beyond the call of duty by realizing their own gifts and sharing them with others
Differentiating Faculty and Staff
  • Staff: Primary duties are outside of the classroom
  • Faculty: Responsible for curriculum and those aspects of student life related to the educational process (i.e. professors)

View past Educator of the Year Award winners from 2010 to most recent winners here

View past Educator of the Year Award winners from the 1990's until 2009 here

All campus employees are eligible for this award, but only students may submit nominations. Each student can nominate one faculty and one staff member total. 

Nominations due by Monday, March 4, 2024 at 8:00 a.m.

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