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About Wellness By Design In Action

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wellness By Design In Action team is to promote the eight dimensions of wellness within the St. Norbert College community. The team does this by collaboratively creating and implementing innovative, engaging, and informative programming that empowers students around Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Environmental, Social, Occupational & Financial wellbeing.

Wellness By Design In Action Teams's Guiding Principles 

  • Empower
  • Educate
  • Include
  • Embrace
  • Engage
  • Entertain
  • Inspire

The goals of the Wellness By Design In Action team are to prevent students from:

  • Participating in dangerous drinking behaviors.
  • Engaging in unsafe relational behaviors (especially when drinking).
  • Being a victim of sexual assault, sexual misconduct and/or domestic violence.
  • Demonstrating cruel and disrespectful interactions with peers.
  • Feeling helpless and unaware of on-campus resources available for suicidal ideation.
  • Disordered eating habits and having a negative attitude toward food and their bodies.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by symptoms of ASD and the struggles related to their diagnosis.

The Wellness By Design In Action team values and promotes students to live out:

  • Respectful behaviors that encourage safe relationships with others.
  • Adherence to alcohol-consumption laws and moderation in use.
  • Action when others may be in danger or potential danger.
  • The College’s mission of civility, responsibility and respect toward others.
  • A culture of caring when a classmate is hurting themselves due to an eating disorder or struggling with their body image.
  • Active use of Academic Services and additional supports to address difficulties stemming from an ASD diagnosis.
  • Awareness of resources available to SNC students. 


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