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Being Norbertine

We share a 900-year long heritage infused with zeal, commitment, devout service and a loving spirit. When mission and heritage take such a living form on our campus, it's not hard to say we're Norbertine and we're proud of it! >>MORE

Play ballPlay Ball
The women who inspired “A League of Their Own” shared stories of their All-American Girls Professional Baseball League experience when they met up at this year’s Sport & Society in America conference on campus. >>MORE

New deansNew Deans Braced for Distinction
The first two dedicated schools on campus will be driven by excellence fueled by community partnership, say their founding deans. >>MORE

New from St. Norbert

Housing Choices on Campus Knit Friends Together in Living Communities
Hats to keep the tiniest of heads warm; the environment; Big and Little Sisters; the college’s newest academic center: This year’s eight Theme Houses and the friends who have opted to live in them are dedicated to making a difference across a broad sphere of influence. >>MORE
ESL Protégés Flourish at St Norbert, Thanks to Friends on the Other Side of the World
A Vietnamese priest who streamed more than a dozen members of religious communities through the ESL Institute on campus is working to secure their higher educational opportunities in the U.S. >>MORE
Sports Complex Gets New Look, Science Building Phase Three Approved

Renovations to Mel Nicks and the JMS lecture halls will be completed within the coming year. >>MORE

Alumnae Use Talents to Brand $3 Billion Retailer

Seven St. Norbert graduates work in marketing and graphic design at Shopko corporate headquarters.

Mason Named Academic All-America of the Year
St. Norbert infielder is honored nationally for his performance on the field and in the classroom. >>MORE
Experience the Open Road As Never Before
Join in the first-ever SNC Road Trip from the comfort and convenience of your own home. >>MORE
Making a Living By Giving
Over three decades, Jeff Zahn has overseen the distribution of  $1.2 billion in financial aid; funds that support 97 percent of St. Norbert students on their college journey. >>MORE
Strong Line-Up Nets Records
Women’s tennis has been smashing records everywhere you look – and that’s just one more piece of good news in another great season for the Green Knights. >>MORE
Responding From the Seat of Wisdom
A churchman with an endearing if fusty prose style redolent of the 19th century, plus an exhaustive knowledge of the history of the college, is the breakout star of our monthly e-newsletter. >>MORE

Regular Features

President’s Message

President Tom Kunkel relishes the stream of influential and engaging speakers who cross our campus. They keep us entertained, informed and inspired. >>MORE

Personally Speaking/Keeping the Sabbath Well

“I find myself in the first days of that much-anticipated, much-envied, and perhaps misunderstood academic tradition: the sabbatical.” – Karen Park (Religious Studies) >>MORE


Brooches by the pre-eminent art deco artist Erté are among the gems of the college collection. And their current location on campus could not offer a more suitable example of form following function. >>MORE

Alumni Profile/Journey to Soho, Pathway to Africa

People collect different things: books and vinyl, stamps and baseball cards, for example. Donna Page ’61 collects pigments and clay: the raw materials for work that has made her a world-renowned restorer of African art. >>MORE