The Sturzl Center for Community Service & Learning supports and develops the college’s mission to serve the common good by fostering campus-wide discussion on service, promoting community engagement and recognizing significant contributions to serving the common good in Brown County and beyond.

Celebrating Service Stories

Each spring, the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning hosts Celebrating Service. At this event, students, faculty and community partners share how their own lives and the lives of others have been impacted through service.  

The storytelling is inspired by The Moth, an acclaimed not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. Audiences are drawn to the stories, like moths to a flame. These talks were inspired by this idea of five-minute, uninterrupted stories without notes and are both motivating and inspiring!

These celebrating service stories highlight several current and past students, faculty and community partners:


Celebrating Service: "Un Momento" by Colton Wiesner ’16 
Colton Wiesner graduated with a degree in Biology. During his time at SNC, Colton studied abroad in Rome and participated in three service trips through the TRIPS Program. Next year, Colton will be attending the Medical College of Wisconsin - Green Bay in order to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

Celebrating Service: "Perceptions of Service" by Eric Vanden Heuvel 
As a college student, Eric studied elementary education. For the last two years, Eric has been the Chief Academic Officer at the Boys and Girls Club. Prior to this non-profit experience, Eric worked in public education for seven years.

Celebrating Service: "What Band-Aids Can't Fix" by Quincy Kissack ’16 
Quincy Kissack graduated in May 2016. While at SNC, Quincy has participated in a myriad of activities. She has participated in four trips through the TRIPS Program - two as a participant and two as a leader. There are five students who graduated in May 2016 who participated in four trips. Next year, she will be attending the University of Maryland College Park to pursue her master's degree in Student Affairs.

Celebrating Serive: "Be Like An Angel" Taylor Baltus ’16 
Taylor Baltus graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. She was involved in a variety of activities while at SNC including serving as a staff member for the TRIPS Program and as one of the three Co-Presidents of Dance Marathon.


Connor Romensko '15
Connor graduated with majors in political science and international studies, and a minor in peace and justice. During his time at St. Norbert, he worked in the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice and Public Understanding; studied abroad in South Africa; and worked in rural Belize. After graduation, he joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps where he is combining his love for service with his love for travel. 

Maria Sauer '17
Connected through Presence
Maria is a sophomore majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Human Services. She is a member of the Michels Hall Service Program. 

Peyton Going '18
My Teacher Reggie
Peyton, a Religious Studies major, was one of the eight members of the inaugural Gap Program. Through this program, students participated in an outdoor leadership experience, service-learning classes and a six week long service-learning experience in St. Lucia. 

Haley Nett '17
This Is What Jesus Would Do
Haley is a sophomore and she is involved in several organizations on campus including TRIPS, CRU, and Dance Marathon. You may see her on campus giving tours to prospective students. 

Alex Clementson '15
The Time I Met a Superhero
Alex majored in Sociology with a concentration in Human Services. Alex served as the Student Body President during his senior year at SNC. 


What Changed in What We Couldn’t Fix
Ryan Dreier serves as the volunteer coordinator at The Salvation Army. He is originally from Northeast Wisconsin and is a self-proclaimed “Badger” having graduated from University of Wisconsin Madison and having recently earned a Masters of Library Science from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He has been employed at The Salvation Army since 2010 where he connects our students to a variety of service opportunities.

Simply Happy
Samantha Lensmire ‘15 is a senior majoring in elementary education and minoring in Spanish and English as a second language. She is originally from Mishicot, Wis. Samantha and her four roommates have volunteered at Freedom House for two years helping with child care – their first year through the Michels Hall Service Program and this year, in a Residential Education and Housing theme house.

New Orleans Teacher Education Service Trip
Tynisha Meidl ,assistant professor of teacher education, sees teaching as more than filling empty vessels, but facilitating of knowledge construction. It is imperative that pre-service teachers are able to see the multiplicities each student brings to the classroom. For the last four years, Meidl has taken a group of students to New Orleans through the TRIPS Program to learn more about the school system post-Hurricane Katrina. 

The Story of Tamara & Dino
Lindsey Osgood ‘14 is a graduate of St. Norbert with a bachelors degree in international business and Spanish. In the fall, she will attend University of Wisconsin Madison to continue her study of Spanish. 

O, Heavenly Father, We Do Pray
Kendra Wauters ‘14 is a graduate of St. Norbert with a bachelors degree in religious studies with a youth ministry emphasis and a peace and justice minor. Her post-graduation goal is to work for a non-profit organization that serves those experiencing homelessness or living in substandard conditions.

Do You See Her With Your Eyes?
Jessica Wightman ‘15 is a senior from Green Bay. She is a sociology major with religious studies; peace and justice; and women’s and gender studies minors. On campus, she loves her work with the TRIPS Program and Oxfam America.


In the Corner
Korissa Diehl is a community partner with the YWCA where she serves as an after school coordinator. She also works a part time job as a youth director at Heartland Church in Howard. Along with these jobs, she goes to school part time, has two children and a husband.

Jeremy Doughty's ’05 path of life has taken him from the classic town of Hortonville, Wis., to a rural Ukrainian village. From a small college in Wisconsin to an intimate graduate institute in Vermont. From serving Ukrainian youth to spending one evening each week with his Little Brother, Ryan.

Kids Say the Darndest Things
Akeem Edmonds ’15 is a tour guide, student ambassador and student blogger for the Office of Admission. He is a member of the SNC track and field team. He was also the 2013-14 President of Student Government Association.

Unanticipated Connections
Ryan Engesser ’15 is a senior studying international business, German and French. Ryan is involved in the business organization, ENACTUS and Dance Marathon.

We Can
Olivia Poepping ’13 is an SNC graduate originally from Burlington, Wis. She has a bachelors degree in sociology. She was involved with the TRIPS Program and Oxfam, along with her research and work with the Old St. Joe’s Parish. She also enjoys volunteering, reading and being active.