The Sturzl Center for Community Service & Learning supports and develops the college’s mission to serve the common good by fostering campus-wide discussion on service, promoting community engagement and recognizing significant contributions to serving the common good in Brown County and beyond.

Meet the Sturzl Center Staff

Susan AngoliSusan Angoli
Coordinator of Community Partnerships
Location: Todd Wehr Hall
Room: M38
Phone: 920-403-3374
Fax: 920-403-4043

Deirdre EganDeirdre Egan-Ryan
Director of Academic Service-Learning
Location: Boyle Hall
Room: 311
Phone: 920-403-2927
Fax: 920-403-4086

Nancy MathiasNancy Mathias
Director of the Sturzl Center
Location: Todd Wehr Hall
Room: M39
Phone: 920-403-3363
Fax: 920-403-4043

Jennifer NissenJennifer Nissen
Assistant Director Community Service and Learning
Location: Todd Wehr Hall
Room: M39
Phone: 920-403-3367
Fax: 920-403-4063