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Resources for Advisors

Academic advisement serves the student, the curriculum and the goals of the college. Although its focus is intellectual, advisement is not one dimensional – personal and spiritual dimensions of student growth are intrinsically involved in the process. The core of academic advisement is an academic plan, the product of advisor/advisee dialog, which translates student goals into a tangible program of courses. The course program is a statement by the college about how its curriculum furthers the individual student’s goals and objectives. 

The Advisor Toolbox is the advisor's comprehensive resource for information regarding academic advisement. Below are some general forms that students and advisors may use during advisement. 

Links and Forms of interest:

  • Substitution Form: Used when a student is asking for a course that is not normally approved as a degree requirement to count as that degree requirement. Requires discipline coordinator approval. 
  • Student Petition: Used when a student is asking for a policy to be waived or excepted. There must be a strong reason for the policy to be waived. 
  • Core Curriculum Petition: Used when a student is seeking a core area to be met that is not already approved. These are reviewed monthly by the core curriculum committee. Please include course syllabus for all petitions, both transfer and SNC coursework. 
  • Add/Drop Form: Can only be used during the add/drop period. Must be signed by both professors. Students can also complete the add/drop process via KnightLine unless the course is full or the student needs an override. 
  • Course Withdrawal Form: Used after the last day to drop a class until the last day to withdraw from a class. If after the last day to withdraw a student petition must be submitted with the withdrawal form documenting extenuating circumstances. Student will earn a grade of W for the course. 
  • Special Course Registration Form: Used for internships, arranged courses and independent studies. 
  • Transfer Course Pre-Approval Form: Used to gain approval for a class to be taken at another institution. If the student has less than 32 credits to graduate, then a student petition to waive senior residency must also be included. 
  • Application to Graduate: Students must apply by the Monday after add/drop in the term they plan to graduate. 
  • Commencement Participation Petition: This is for students who would like to participate in the graduation ceremony but have not yet complete their degree requirements. Students must submit this with a detailed degree plan. 


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