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Intramurals at St. Norbert College

The Intramural Sports Program at St. Norbert College aims to provide a variety of competitive activities for St. Norbert College students. By participating in intramural sports, students will engage in activities that provide for a healthy lifestyle, while also promoting leadership, sportsmanship and interpersonal skills. Last year alone, there were more than 800 students taking part in this free program.

St. Norbert College offers a wide range of intramural athletics (see list at right). Sports are offered in fall and spring, both indoor and outdoor.

Sand volleyball is played in the outdoor courts by the river right away in the fall.

In the fall, students may participate in flag football. The college offers men’s and women's divisions and games are played on the IM Field located behind Gries Hall.

Several sports are offered in the winter, as male and female students may compete in intramural basketball, usually two nights per week in the Campus Center.

All intramural sports seasons end with a playoff tournament and winning teams receive intramural champion T-shirts. Many students compete in more than one sport. Employment is also provided as students are paid to referee intramural games.

Varsity athletes may only participate in IM sports after their season is finished, but must be on a roster at the start of the IM season. Only two varsity athletes are allowed on a team.

If you’re interested in playing intramural sports but you don't have a team or if you’re a team looking for additional players, view the free agent list is for additional contacts.

For more information, contact the John Seckel at the Campus Center at 920-403-4014 or