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Commuter Student Resources

Commuting to St. Norbert College? SNC students recommend taking note of these tips and tricks.


  • Make sure to leave early! It can be hard to find a parking spot, and you never know what traffic will be like. 
  • In the winter, you will need extra time to find a spot because snow piles take up spaces.
  • Commuters share parking lots with faculty and staff, and the Mulva Library, Mad/Lor and VMC lots fill up quickly. The Facilities lot and the lot near Birder Hall are great lots to check out first.
  • Parking is permissible on many streets, too.
  • If you see a spot, even if it’s far away, take it!

Campus Safety Services

  • Shuttle and safety escorts: Campus Safety’s shuttle service runs each day from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. To request the shuttle call 920-422-RIDE. If you ever feel unsafe and require a safety escort outside of shuttle hours, call 920-403-3260.
  • Jumpstart and auto assist: Campus Safety provides assistance with jumpstarting dead batteries.
  • Locksmith: If you lock your keys in your car, call Campus Safety; they’ll connect you with towing and/or auto-lock out services.
  • Weather notifications: If the campus closes due to inclement weather, Campus Safety will send out a college-wide alert. Make sure your cell phone number is listed in KnightLine so you get notifications.

Other Resources

  • Academic Success, Support & Accessibility: There are a variety of resources available including FREE tutoring and academic assistance (counseling, coaching and advising). The team also provides time management and studying resources.
  • Career & Professional Services: Visit this office early and often! Staff will help you with cover letters, résumés, thank-you notes, and with finding and securing internships.
  • Health and Wellness Services: Ranging from basic to advanced, students can receive medical services free of charge or at a low cost! Counseling services are covered by semester fees.
  • Housing: Learn about who can qualify as a commuter, how to apply, and related housing options.
  • Meal Plans: Several meal plans options exist for commutes. The Commuter Lounge (Mulva Library-Room 316) is also on campus and has a kitchen with microwave for commuters who choose to bring their own food. 
  • Mulva Family Fitness & Sports Center: Check out the state-of-the-art fitness center and swimming pool. The track and hallways are great places to get in a walk during winter!
  • Printing: Save your work as a PDF, send it to print this, and it will be at any printer on campus. There you can scan a QR code or swipe your card, and your document will print. You also can send things to the Print Center by attaching your document as a PDF and emailing it to printcenter@snc.edu. Staff will email you when it's ready to be picked up at the Print Center, located in the basement of Michels Commons.
  • Writing Center: Located on the first floor of the library, the Writing Center will help you with papers, providing proofreading support and helping draft outlines. Appointments can be made online! 
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