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Sacred Spaces on Campus

Prayer and contemplation are core aspects of Norbertine life. Placing strong emphasis on prayer, study and reflection, St. Norbert of Xanten felt that each was integral to his own process of life-long conversion.

Norbert’s choice of the rule of St. Augustine as the guide for his followers reaffirms the centrality of prayer – in all of its forms – to Christian life. The rule encourages community members to be zealous in prayer, and mandates that an oratory be set apart as a place completely dedicated to both communal prayer and private prayer. Furthermore, in his rule, St. Augustine encouraged the idea to “ponder in your hearts what your lips are saying" during prayer. In the Norbertine tradition, private prayer and spiritual reading complement the Liturgy of the Hours and, above all, the Eucharist as the deep sources of communio.

St. Norbert College is committed to providing spaces for prayer or quiet reflection for members of the college community from any faith or spiritual perspective. Along with Old St. Joe's and the adjacent National Shrine of St. Joseph, you'll find a variety of spaces – from formal ones conducive to group gatherings to quiet spots for reflecting and catching your breath. 

Burke Hall Burke Hall
The chapel in Burke Hall is located on the fourth floor and is one of our largest residential hall chapels.
Shrine of St. Mary Calawerts Family Grotto of Our Lady
The Calawerts Family Grotto of Our Lady is located just to the east of Mary Minahan McCormick Hall (MMM).
Campus Center

Campus Center
Above the busyness of the Campus Center, there is a reflection lounge on the third floor. Prayer Basket located here.

The occasional use of this space by the college is coordinated through Campus Center staff.

Gries Hall Gries Hall
Located on the corner of Third and Marsh Streets, this residential hall has a reflection lounge on the third floor.
Schneider Stadium Labyrinth at Donald J. Schneider Stadium
Enjoy some moments of quiet contemplation as you make your way to the center of the path, rest in quiet and wind back out ready to engage your busy life again.
Madelaine-Lorraine Hall Madelaine-Lorraine Hall
The newly remodeled reflection lounge on the first floor of Mad-Lor is an intimate space for reflection.
memorialpatio2-square.jpg Mary & Joseph Memorial Prayer Patio
All are invited to visit the Mary and Joseph Memorial Prayer Patio near the steeple at St. Norbert College Parish. The patio features a beautiful statue of the expectant Mary and her fiancé Joseph in a tender moment. Surrounding the statue is a prayer patio with a border of memorial bricks that are available for purchase. Dedicated Nov. 3, 2019, this Prayer Patio is a memorial to honor loved ones, living or deceased.
Mary Minahan McMcormick Hall Mary Minahan McCormick Hall
The large reflection lounge on the main floor of MMM overlooks the Calawerts Family Grotto of Our Lady.
Michels Hall Michels Hall
The Chapel of Norbertine Saints is located on the first floor of Michels Hall.
Mulva Library

Mulva Library
The Mulva Library houses its fireplace reflection lounge on the third floor above the Center for Norbertine Studies. Prayer Basket located here.

The occasional use of this space by the college is coordinated through Campus Center staff.

Old St. Joe’s Church Old St. Joe’s
Members of the college community gather here Monday and Friday mornings from 8:05-8:20 a.m. during the academic year to celebrate morning prayer. Visit the St. Norbert College Parish website for a schedule of Masses and other prayer opportunities.

Shrine of St. Joseph
Formerly located at St. Norbert Abbey, the shrine has recently been installed at the oratory of the church. Prayer Basket located here.

Sensenbrenner Hall Sensenbrenner Hall
There is a chapel in Sensenbrenner Hall located in the lower level.
Shakespeare Garden Shakespeare Garden
The garden is centered near the north end of campus between Cofrin, Bemis and Todd Wehr Hall.
Todd Wehr Hall Todd Wehr Hall
Todd Wehr Hall has a reflection space dedicated in honor of St. Teresa of Avila. The space is located on the main level. Prayer Basket located here.
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