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Summer is in Session

If it’s a new perspective on history you’re hoping for, then A Brief History of Body Parts might be just the course title to catch your eye. You can also study The History of Clothing & Fashion, The History of American Popular Music or The History of Modern Art this summer on campus – and a whole lot more besides. 

From animation to jazz, star-gazing to social media, this summer’s roster offers new perspectives and the chance to explore an array of subjects not often taught during the academic year. 

Classes, offered at half the academic-year course tuition, are open to students from other colleges and high school students who graduate after the spring 2013 semester, as well as to current St. Norbert students. They offer a very affordable way to pick up further credits, and many students appreciate the flexibility of the summer schedule. Below, just a sampling of the many courses on our summertime schedules.

Unique Maymester courses

  • A Brief History of Body Parts. Taught by Joel Mann (Philosophy), this course traces the “dividing up” of the body that stems from ancient medical thought. As the foundation for a naturalistic understanding of health and disease, students will observe how this “division” is ultimately considered the basis for therapeutic approaches characteristic of Western medicine.
  • Poetry Workshop. In the workshop space of Laurie MacDiarmid (English), students read the work of currently publishing poets while creating their own portfolio. 

Special topics & other courses

  • History of Clothing & Fashion. April Beiswenger (Theatre Studies) encourages students to adopt spinning, tatting and other hands-on work as an integral part of current fashion practices.
  • Animal Learning. This study of animal learning and cognition will look at monkeys, dolphins, crows, rats and honeybees through the lens of cognitive psychology. Visiting course instructor Sarah Jones focuses her research interests on nonhuman primates, and has experience working with monkeys and lemurs.
  • Astronomy. Requiring one evening observation per week, Astronomy with Michael Olson (Physics) looks at cycles of the sky, the history of astronomy, the stars, the Milky Way galaxy and the Solar System. 

Creative-expression courses

  • History of Modern Art. The Rev. James Neilson, O.Praem., ’88 (Art) and his students will explore the breadth and diversity of modern art as an experience that vivifies and rejuvenates.
  • Intro to Video Production. Working with Brandon Bauer (Art), students will use professional digital editing and production software, creating their own work and gaining the skills needed to produce video from start to finish.
  • Survey of World Musics. Bethany Thier (Music) provides an overview of world music methods while letting students delve into independent music research projects spanning myriad international musical cultures.

May 7, 2013