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Crowds are a recurring theme in Abla's work.

ARTHURSDAY Program Hosts International Artist

A renowned Egyptian artist who has exhibited his graphics, installations and paintings internationally visits St. Norbert College later this week.

Mohamed AblaMohamed Abla, a graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty in Alexandria, Egypt, who has also studied in Switzerland and Austria, visits art history classes and various studios April 2-3. He will conduct individual critiques of student artwork and join art students and faculty for lunch.

A joint initiative between St. Norbert and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay brings Abla to campus. The International Visiting Scholars Program invites professionals to step into the classroom to share knowledge from their prospective fields with undergraduate students. St. Norbert’s ARTHURSDAY program intersects with the Scholars Program to increase student exposure to creative agencies and businesses.

Abla’s work has focused primarily on graphics and oil paintings. Galleries throughout Egypt and Dubai have displayed his art and Abla’s work features in recurring shows in Europe. Abla founded the Fayoum Winter Academy in Egypt, where he teaches. He also established the first caricature museum in the Middle East, where many of his cartoons are showcased.

Abla’s art often centers on social and political changes in Egypt, reflecting his passion for activism. He was involved with the Quorsaya Island conflict and was an initial participant in the Tahrir Square revolution. Abla, who also visited the UW-Green Bay campus, was most recently involved in the drafting of a new Egyptian constitution.

April 1, 2014