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The Moth Project Alights

Greening the Bay will bring nationally recognized interdisciplinary artists PlantBot Genetics to St. Norbert for a three-week residency, June 9-30. The ecology-focused artists will host their dynamic Moth Project installation on campus and at partner sites in and around Green Bay. 

Using performance and illumination, the project combines art and entomological and horticultural research with a commitment to sustainability. It features sculptural garden lights powered by solar panels that are designed to attract moths for pollination. 

The PlantBot Genetics initiative speaks to ecology in general and the importance of pollinators in particular. As well as providing a focus for both moths and audience, the nighttime Moth Garden events allow for the gathering of data about moth populations in the area.

The artists will be staying on campus, and the college will be hosting its own Moth Garden Thursday, June 18, 7-10 p.m. 

Community members will have the opportunity to engage with the artists of PlantBot Genetics and their work through exhibitions, demonstrations, multimedia installations and lectures. 

Katie Ries (Art) says, “The project is a great example of the liberal arts in action: thinking and working across disciplines in a way that expands knowledge and brings more people to the table. 

“It's also been a fabulous opportunity for us at the college to reach out to, and partner with, some excellent non-profits in the area. Communio in the arts! 

“Hopefully our collaborations mean we can bring this work to a much larger audience in Brown County. For example, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary will host the project on June 16. This project adds something new to their already excellent programming and helps us connect with a larger audience with this unique contemporary art.” 

June 2, 2015