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International Flair Adds to This Year’s SNC Day Fun

How are bagpipes and Double Dutch alike? They’re both part of the increasingly international attractions of SNC Day

While it’s debatable whether or not Double Dutch jump rope actually came over with Dutch immigrants, visitors will find it featured along with offerings from Irish, Polish, African, Mexican, Native American and Greek cultures at this seventh annual SNC Day.

Those up for some international entertainment will find Irish/Celtic musical group Frogwater; polka; music from the British Isles, Africa and South America; Native American dancers and drummers; mariachi music; and bagpipes.

The young and young at heart can celebrate Worldwide Play Day with Scavenger Hunts for all ages. (Even win fun prizes as you get your passport stamped!).

And visitors can satisfy their intellectual curiosity through presentations on a variety of topics. Programs offer the chance to:

  • learn about cultural differences in eye contact, shaking hands and personal space.
  • discover how literature can change and shape your perception of the world.
  • listen to the life-changing experiences of students who’ve studied abroad.
  • hear how young international alumni are impacting increasingly globalized workplaces.
This year’s SNC Day provides greater opportunities than ever to gain a broader international perspective through engaging and fun activities. This year’s program also includes the opportunity to experience different cuisines from the marketplace, participate in International Day of Peace activities, and learn how some students transition to college through a program that takes them from the Canadian shore of Lake Superior to the tropical paradise of St. Lucia.

Sept. 1, 2015