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A Student Perspective: Marcus Williams ’21

St. Norbert gives students the opportunity to experience the richness of college life, pursue their dreams and expand their knowledge of the world. Every quarter, the St. Norbert Fund profiles a Standout Student who is making the most of that opportunity.

How I feel about my involvement in campus life
I feel that my involvement on campus has made me a more rounded person and has better prepared me for the working world. Being a part of the BSU has taught me how to fight for equality and justice, and has also taught me patience. M.O.D. (a mentoring and support program for multicultural male students) has taught me to be a better person, friend and brother to those around me. It challenges me and everyone to be a better version of ourselves.

Plans for the future
When I graduate I plan on working with disadvantaged youth. I strongly believe that children are the future and they should all be awarded the opportunity to chase their dreams.

What I’ll remember most about SNC
What I will remember most are people like Ms. Paula (Verheyen), who remembers everyone’s names at the Caf and always greets us with smiles, and Father Mike (Brennan), who always listens when I have a bad day. These people and many others always try to show what communio means, not only by their words but by their actions.

People would be surprised if they knew
Everyone knows that I am personable and loud and energetic. However, most people don’t know that deep down I am very introverted and enjoy being alone or hanging with close friends.