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Elementary Students Get a Crash-course in Human Anatomy

Bones bingo and a heart-chamber maze greeted an excited batch of third- and fourth-grade students in the Gehl-Mulva Science Center this spring. The interactive exhibits, which also included learning about the intestines and heart pulses, were led by senior SNC students in Deb Anderson’s BIOL 320: Human Anatomy and Histology course.

Travelling across town from Sullivan Elementary in Green Bay, the young biologists-in-training are part of the Greater Green Bay’s YMCA 21C after-school program. Held at seven Green Bay elementary schools, the program complements school curriculum by providing hands-on learning in STEM, arts and theatre, and service learning. The Sullivan Elementary program is led by Jack Convoy ’17.

“What they liked best was touching the organs. When they got back that’s all they talked about,” says Convoy.

“These are opportunities they wouldn’t have unless they studied science in college. To see a brain, touch a lung, touch a heart – it’s opening up a world of opportunity to see things they can do in their future career,” he adds. “I love getting the kids out of the school and to see other parts of their community. They love being with students about half-a-generation above them. That’s the sweet spot where they really look up to them and say, ‘I want to be like him or her.’ It’s really special.”

Many of the SNC students are headed off to medical or dental school, and these opportunities to interact with others and explain how the body works are vital to their success, Anderson says. They need to be able to translate what they know and communicate to their communities, she adds.

June 8, 2023