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Members of the St. Norbert College community are committed to an anti-racist campus culture. Learn more about the SNC community-wide action plan to seek justice and ensure that every member of our beloved community - and the greater world - can flourish.


2022 Events



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January 13-
February 17

4-5 pm


The Cassandra Voss Center is excited to host a 6-Part Virtual Anti-Racism Workshop. This is an opportunity for SNC students, faculty, staff, and members of the greater Green Bay community to learn more about anti-racism and to analyze their ideas about race and racism. Our purpose is to help participants develop a deeper understanding of systemic racism and its manifestations on both a structural and interpersonal level. Ultimately, this work is aimed at developing skills to equip members of the St. Norbert College community to work toward racial justice.

This six-part virtual workshop will include a one hour session each week with brief assigned work in between each session. This space is committed to embodying the values of the Cassandra Voss Center, as we are scholarship-driven, welcoming, innovative and fun. We encourage anyone interested to register for this program, regardless of your background or previous knowledge around issues related to anti-racism.

Virtual sessions - Advanced registration required

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Ongoing sessions will take place on the second and fourth Fridays of every month from 12:45-1:45 pm
Professional Power Hour
We All Rise: African American Resource Center

We are launching a full series of Aspiring Anti-Racist White Allies Groups for white folks who are committed to their own anti-racism journey. This is a space for courageous conversations, accountability, radical love, and transformational knowledge. To view all group description and details, including Professional Power Hour, please click here.
Professional Power Hour - Sessions will take place on the second and fourth Fridays of every month from 12:45-1:45 pm. These sessions will take place over a video call. We ask those that are participating can commit to being fully present and on video throughout the entire session. 
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 Rachel Westenberg
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January 15-February 13 

The Bias Inside Us

"The Bias Inside Us" features a traveling exhibition that serves as the centerpiece for local programs and activities. Through compelling images, hands-on interactives, and powerful testimonials and videos, the exhibition unpacks and demystifies the concept of bias.

Weidner Center
Grand Foyer

Admission is Free
No Registration Required

January 15

10:30 am-12:00 pm

Brown County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration - "The People's March Continues..."
27th Annual Community Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday                        

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Free and open to the Public

 January 17

6:00 pm-
7:30 pm

31st Fox Cities Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

Keynote Speaker: Judge Yadira Rein

Judge Yadira Rein is the first person of color, specifically, the first Latina to serve as judge in the 8th judicial district of Wisconsin. Judge Rein was born in El Paso, Texas and was raised in a small town in northern Mexico by her grandparents. It was there that Judge Rein learned the values of love, sacrifice, and hard work at a young age as she witnessed her grandparents raise a large family. When Judge Rein was nine years old, she moved to Wisconsin where she had to learn to speak English, embraced a new culture and adapt to the cold Wisconsin winters! Judge Rein has been a proud resident of Wisconsin ever since.

While in private practice Judge Rein represented clients throughout a variety of family law issues which included guiding people through what was often the most difficult period in their lives. Judge Rein advocated for children’s best interests as court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem.

This event will be online and you must register to attend. Due to contact restrictions, this program will not be live on FB or anywhere else so please register. Please RSVP by January 14th 2022.

February 2022


Black History Month is a month long celebration full of events that raise awareness of the African American Culture

Coordinated by St. Norbert College Multicultural Student Services


Recording from 11/18/21 Presentation

Supporting Refugee Resettlement in Northeastern Wisconsin
sponsored by the Norman Miller Center for Peace Justice & Public Understanding and the Center for Global Engagement

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