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  • This is NOT a replacement for your official GPA; this tool is intended to be used for future "what-if" scenarios in calculating your potential GPA with your desired or expected grades
  • Your cumulative Attempted Hrs and Quality Points can be found in KnightLine by logging in, entering the Student Services area, followed by the Student Records area, then selecting Academic Transcript and submitting the request
  • Repeats are calculated as a full replacement of the previous grade, while Retakes* are calculated as a mean average of the new and old grades (*Retakes are no longer permitted as of 2004)
  • Entering the name of the Course has no effect on the calculation of the GPA; it is purely for your own organizational needs
  • Cases of Incomplete and/or Withdrawal grades are not yet supported by this calculator
  • If you believe there is an error or you are having trouble calculating your GPA, contact your academic advisor first, and if the issue persists, contact the Office of the Registrar

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