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Catalog of Entry
Students must complete the requirements for degree and major/minor from the College Catalog in effect at the time of first enrollment. Students may not use requirements from different catalogs to complete their degree. Students, not on an approved leave of absence, who are not enrolled at the College for one year or longer, are readmitted under the requirements currently in effect at the time of readmission. Catalog requirements stay in effect for six years except for undergraduate students in continuous enrollment. Students not in continuous enrollment desiring to complete a degree after the six year limitation must do so under the most current catalog requirements or petition the Dean of the College and/or Registrar for an exception. Program and catalog requirement limitations are not extended to teacher certification requirements. Please contact the Director of Teacher Education for certification details. (Effective with the 2001 Catalog and not retroactive).
Catalog Changes
The College Catalog is a general summary of programs, rules, policies and procedures for academic and student life, and is provided for the guidance of students. However, the College Catalog is not a complete statement of all programs, rules, policies and procedures in effect at the College. In addition, the College reserves the right to change without notice any programs, rules, policies and procedures that appear in this catalog. Anyone seeking clarification on any of this information should consult with the St. Norbert College Registrar.

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